The March Birthday Compilation 2011

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The March Birthday Compilation 2011

Post by Mr007 on Wed 23 Feb 2011 - 20:50

As the compilation earlier in the month was very successful we are having another squeezed in. Celebrating Janszoon's, Molecules, Anticipation , Lucifer Sam's and my own birthday within the month of March.

Many thanks to all who contributed and contributions for April are now open.


1. Marjorie Fair - Don't Believe
2. White Noise - Love Without Sound
3. Elvind Aarset - Entrance/ U - Bahn
4. The Residents - Birthday Boy PMO
5. Manic Street Preachers - Of Walking Abortion Mojopinuk
6. Baaba Maal - Loodo Bulldog
7. moe. - TailspinOver 30 Singles
8. Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson - Cleanhead Blues
9. Professor Longhair - Big Chief
10. Ludichrist - Games Once Played
11. John Kirkpatrick - John Kirkpatrick: A lord Of St
12. Macelleria Mobile De Mezzanotte - L'ultimo Vero Bacio
13. Charlotte Hatherly - Very Young Molecules
14. Jerry Reed - The Bird
15. The Countdown - Human Rescourses
16. The 6ths - Oahu

Deutsch Englisch Uebersetzung

There isa flac file but i'm not sure if that was included as it's not showing up on my player so I have left it out of these tracklistings. Could someone LMK when they download it whether there is a flac file please?


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