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Invest in MetropolisGL!

Post by shlomo on Wed 13 Apr 2011 - 2:22

MetropolisGL is a business with a unique way of performance.
You don't need any other thing than a computer with internet, and PayPal, AlertPay or Neteller account.
You can virtually rent buildings or other objects and earn real money daily according to your investment. You earn up to 0.36% every day of your total properties and objects.
But that's not it, there also exist gifts and rewards which only consist in being active in the site, the forums, referring people, etc. and you may receive more than $60 worth of objects.

As an example, you rent a Sullivan Coffee ($150), a Casino ($450) and a Madison Apartment ($250); 150+450+250 = 850
850 * .0036 = $3.06/day
3.06 * 30 = $91.8/month
91.8 * 12 = $1,101.6/year
So after a year you made $251.6 only from the rents of the buildings, which is without counting the monthly rewards and other important factors that increase your earnings hugely.

There is people that's investing immensely, actually some said in the forums that soon they will invest around $5k since they've seen its success and confidence.

MetropolisGL has the eConfianza Accession Seal. eConfianza is an organization that avails which electronic business are trustworthy,
MetropolisGL is one of them! :cool2:

Here are some payment proofs to members I found in the forums:

Browse the MetropolisGL forums to look at more Payment Proofs and success stories!

Join MetropolisGL and invest in an easy and secure way!


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