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Post by darwin on Thu 14 Jul 2011 - 10:00

You can increase your earnings by referring other people and earn from every click they make.

Friendly community
Earn from home
Effortless income
Upgrades start at $2.00 a month!
Instant payment system
Fast, professional support

Message from Admin:

we are currently well into phase one of our Beta, wohoooo! This first phase focused on the changes made to the Script and the Layout, so please be patient. Our goal is to make the site as safe as possible and of course stable. For that reason we have decided to prohibit renting referrals. I hope this will make our site more stable in future. We also looking forward for some advertisers (low prices).
However, it makes no sense to start clicking advertisements now, because we will clear all Balance entries before we launch our service.

All payments are made via AlertPay or Liberty Reserve account.
You can request for payment once your account balance is $2.00 USD or more.

Free registration, thank you:

BUXWIZARD - Feel the magic and earn with us


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