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Post by darwin on Sun 17 Jul 2011 - 16:20

Currently in Buxvilla you can Earn in Seven different ways:

--> By visiting sponsered advertisement (PTC)
--> By refering your friend and family to Buxvilla
--> Renting active referrals will boost your income
--> Completing surveys and offers posted by our advertisers
--> Earn through your Facebook, Twitter and Youtube activities
--> Earning through Sign up in sponsered website is also available
--> You can earn through Custom tasks with, in any field you are experienced in Internet.

In a Word, BuxVilla is your complete earning solution. There is lots of potential. Its only upto you to grab and choose from.

You can upgrade your Buxvilla membership anytime, which will help you to multiply your income by 25x

We have different levels of membership for fiting your needs.

Buxvilla is an easy option for online marketing and advertising. We have very attractive and reasonable package for our advertisers as well.

--> Paid to Click ads package starting from $2 for per 1000 clicks
--> Banner Space advertising for as low as $10 for 10 days
--> Facebook subscribers, visitors, Fan for as low as 15$ per 1000 Fans

You can request for payment once your account balance is $2.00 USD or more.
Payments are made by PayPal, AlertPay and Liberty Reserve.
Payments can be requested only in Monday.
All payments are instant.

We have 24/7 dedicated Support team including Live support Staff, They are passionate and prepared to guide/ assist our users.

Free registration, thank you:

BUXVILLA - Get Paid From Home


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