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Post by icemanx on Sat 23 Jul 2011 - 21:24


The main theme behind Turbo Tycoon is to get paid for every text you receive from businesses sending out coupons and special deals that are going on in your area. As of right now, however, they have this program going on called "Turbo Ads" where there are just tons of clicks that you can do.
You can really just hold ctrl and spam click all the ads at once then be done with em. It's that fast and easy The ads also come back more than once a day!
I'm unsure as to how much longer they are going to be doing this, but I would act now to earn as much as possible. The owner is receiving $10,000 worth of ads per week from businesses to send out to the members at Turbo Tycoon.
The main thing that stands out to me is that the referral system goes 6 levels deep!! Each level of referral that earns you money is the same throughout all levels!
Once you have made an account and verified your number just go to turbo ads and install it on your desktop and you should see the Turbo Ads!

you can change your life with this !!!!!!

If you don't have a phone i suggest that you find someone who have a phone and verify your account because this site is no joke there are people making $200 an hour every day with this site so if i were you i would take advantage of this opportunity.

and also, did i mention that the you earn whatever your referrals earn!!!



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