Filters in Rain Water Harvesting

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Filters in Rain Water Harvesting

Post by Hallett Paton on Sat 27 Aug 2011 - 1:08

The demand for rain water harvesting has been increasing fast. The importance of installing the system is being emphasized more and more by the government. The Kochi builders are making it a point to install the rain water harvesting system in all their major projects.

The system consists of catchments, coarse mesh, gutters, conduits and filters. The filter can be made of various materials. Its function is to remove the suspended pollutants from the rain water and make it fit for usage. It is generally a chamber filled with filtering media such as fibre, coarse sand and gravel layers which purifies the water before entering the storage tank. For additional filtration charcoal can be added.

The Charcoal water filters are made in a drum or an earthen pot. The filter is made of easily available products such as gravel, sand and charcoal.

Sand filters are made of commonly available sand. Sand filters can be easily constructed and are also cheap of cost. These filters are effective in the treatment of water to remove turbidity i.e. suspended particles like silt and clay, color and microorganisms. In a domestically constructed sand filter the top layer comprises of coarse sand followed by a 5-10 mm layer of gravel and then another 5-25mm layer of gravel and boulders.

Dewas filter was designed in a place called Dewas in Madhya Pradesh where the district administration initiated a groundwater recharge scheme. The rooftop water is collected and passed through the filter system. The water thus filtered is passed into the service tubewell.

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