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Post by arias on Mon 5 Sep 2011 - 15:56


2000 Members will get free Pioneer membership .

Hi every one ,
It's Pharaohs Bux..
Here you will achieve all your dreams...

If you follow every word in this topic, you will achieve all your dreams and be one of our Pharaohs Family.
I know that all of you are tired from scam ptc sites and once you trust one of them he trick you and run away .
The only reason beside greedy admins to scam you is
"PTC Bad Management "
I spent more than 8 months to find the right way to manage PTC site to success and continuity forever.

Now i will introduce my Pharaoh Team:
We are Egyptians
Admin,Admin assist, 6 Coders,2 Designers
UseLegal Zeus v2.2 (Uro theme).Legal status
use domain for 5 years
Use very strong hosting server
Have a great design
Waiting for installing Comodo SSL Certificates

We are in Beta Phase That mean you can't view ads till we launch the site after Bate Phase we will go to Beta Plus Phase that mean you can view ADS and get credit but once I launch PharaohsBux All your balances will be restarted (will be Zero)

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