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Post by bubu on Wed 14 Sep 2011 - 12:36

First 3000 new members get free Pioneer membership and $.50 to purchase balance!!!!!

You can earn even more that $0.02/$0.02 per your and your referrals clicks
Fixed 6+ one cent ads for standard members!
Accept Alertpay-PayPal-LibertyReserve-OkPay
All payments are instant at $3 for all members

No investment ever needed to cashout!

Standard Membership
Pay per click: $ 0.0100
Pay per referral click: $ 0.0030
Max. direct referrals 20

Pioneer Membership
Pay per click: $0.0100
Pay per referral click: $0.0030
Max. direct referrals 30

Click need to payout: 50
Maximum Ads: 6 now
Payout Minimum: $ 3.00



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