having dynamic ip adress....is this a problem?

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having dynamic ip adress....is this a problem?

Post by wildefendina on Thu 15 May 2008 - 10:37

In another ptc site i faced
a problem of being banned bcoz of a
problem of something called dynamic ip adress....

I made an analysis about ip
adresses in my area & i found the following :

1- these numbers are fixed
for my city in any ip adress : 41.233.

2- may be there are some
ip-adresses r similar to each other in the same area

In ptcash i refered some
friends from my area , every 1 has his own computer & his own dsl to login
into internet.....

My user name is wildefendina

The question is May i face
the same problem here??

Bcoz if u check my account ,
may be u ll find tht 41.233. is fixed in ip adresses of me & some of my

2 days ago i search for my network ip adress , i
found it

Today i found it

this is wht is called
dynamic ip adress & so may be some ip adresses are similar to each other in
the same area

Something also i want to ask
about ,,,Is thr any problem if i login into my account from another computer
bcoz of some days i may be abscent frm my home & i wanna keep myself active...

I hope the admin of ptcash
will understand my issue & replied me & we can open a discussion about
this issue bcoz i think tht many members may face the same problems...


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Re: having dynamic ip adress....is this a problem?

Post by Admin on Thu 15 May 2008 - 10:42

You won't have any problem here at PTC Dollars. I don't think other admins will ban you either...you are using the same account but a different ip. It's just like accessing your account from another computer. there is nothing wrong with that.


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