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Post by ruiadds on Fri 31 Aug 2012 - 0:24

Topline is a pretty simple ad replacement tool that installs to your browser (Chrome, FireFox and Safari)
That will find advertisements on the websites you already go to everyday and replace their ads with topline ads. They offer this on a point system, the more topline points you receive, the more you're cash out is worth. You can earn up to a max of 45$ a month with this. Technically, this isn't a Paid to click service because you don't have to click the ads it displays, you only have to allow them to load on your website (don't use AdBlock!) but i wanted to post about this because i feel its even easier to earn with this system, you don't have to change your browsing habits what-so-ever, just install the topline plugin to your browser.

Cashout: 10$
1000 points = $0.75 USD
Payment with Paypal!

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