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Post by darwin on Sun 22 Jan 2017 - 21:55

Earn $0.005 Per Click
Earn $0.005 per referral click
Minimum cashout is $1
Fast Payment via Paypal, Payza, Payeer
Guaranteed 4 ads daily
Unlimited direct referrals
Only premium members views ad

Please read first this topic on forum

We will not go scam as the calculation is perfect.
We do not offer any self sponsored ads to free members. However they can earn $0.0025 per ad clicked by their premium direct referrals. Also they get $0.50 per upgrade by their direct referrals.

Premium members get $0.005 per click and they get guaranteed 4 ads daily.
They also earn $0.005 per ad clicked by their direct referrals plus $1 per direct referral upgrade.
Out of $2.99 that we receive;
$0.60(0.005 X 4 ads per day X 30 days) goes to member for clicking ad.
$0.60(0.005 X 4 ads per day X 30 days) goes to upline for referral click.
$1 goes to up-line as upgrade commission.
$0.40 goes as payment processor fees.
So the profit is 2.99-0.6-0.6-1-0.4= $0.40 per upgrade per month
If the site is having 10,000 upgrade per month then adminís profit would be $4000.
As the site grows profit grows.

If you are premium member and your referral is also premium then your earning per referral per month would be $1.6 ($1 upgrade commission + $0.60 click commission). With 10,000 referrals your monthly earning would be $16,000.

Earn $0.10 per referral sign-up!
1. This offer is valid till we reach 10,000 members
2. Your referral must verify their email id and click at least one ad.
3. $1=1 point which means $0.10=0.10 points. uses legal EvolutionScript license!

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