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1Katoshi - 1katoshi.com

Post by darwin on Mon 27 Nov 2017 - 15:27

1Katoshi has an automatic withdrawal system that sends you your earnings every Sunday of every week

Earn up to 1000 satoshi every 5 minutes!!

The timer is 5 minutes.

Output threshold per bitcoin wallet 100.000 satoshi

Payments are automatically and are issued by the system every Sunday evening.

Inviting friends with your referral link allows you to earn 5 to 33%. This percentage varies depending on your level and the number of invited friends.

Daily Bonus
A day bonus is a bonus given to you if you log in for one or several days in a row, up to 7 days. The bonus increases exponentially day after day, reaching a maximum on the seventh day.

1KATOSHI - Earn free Bitcoins every 5 minutes


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