Homepages Friends - Get paid $0.016 per search on Yahoo

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Homepages Friends - Get paid $0.016 per search on Yahoo

Post by Striker21 on Tue 15 Jul 2008 - 8:39

Homepages Friends - http://www.myhpf.co.uk/apply001.asp?Friend=149286

This site seems very interesting. Supposedly they pay you every time you use the search bar in the top right of IE7 of Firefox. You simply add the special Yahoo powered search engine to the list in the top right and you're good to go. I've yet to get paid from it as I have only joined today but it seems very professional and is based off of a popular commercial fundraising company (http://www.homepages-friends.com/index.htm).

I used the calculator on the site and doing 100 searches a day for a month nets you 30.00 euros or .01 pence a search (roughly $48 a month and $0.016 a search) and that doesn't even include referrals. I've already done 56 searches in the last 8 hours unconsciously so if anyone actually makes an active effort to use the search more often then it should pay out pretty well.

Their payout amount is 20.00 euros. They use paypal, though their payment schedule is screwy. You get paid every 30 days, but the money doesn't arrive until 45 days later. For example: You join on December 1, you get paid on January 1, but don't receive the money until February 15. Funky, I know, but hey, free money!

Not only that, but you get a specialized homepage to go along with it
that you can customize with streaming news, daily jokes, mp3 players,
comics, etc... It's pretty fun and shows that they're putting some
effort into it.


Be sure you use my referral link! Thanks Razz


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Re: Homepages Friends - Get paid $0.016 per search on Yahoo

Post by paraivagas on Fri 26 Sep 2008 - 8:08

Free Money from the Net! As Much
as You Want!

Free Money for ALL! Iím sure all of us use Google
or Yahoo to search for info all the time but are you PAID to do this? Well, if
you want to get paid to search for info on the net, then register an account in
just 2 minutes here-


You donít have to download anything. It's just a case of changing your
IE/Firefox search bar settings so that it connects to their server first and
then routes you to Yahoo! Previously Homepages Friends was known as
MySearchFunds, they originally has a deal with Ask.com but later moved to
Google. More recently they have signed a 3-year deal with Yahoo!, bringing both
stability and security to the program.

This is not a scam but HPF really did pay its members. Here are just some
screenshots of members PayPal payments Ė


You are paid on average 1.5 pence per search you
make. So if you make just 10 searches per day, you will be earning £4.50 or
about $9 per month!

And it gets better! You will earn on all your downlines 3 levels deep ! If you
refer just 20 others and all your referrals do the same and everyone make just
10 searches daily, you will earn £1,008 or about $2,016 per month!

What happens if everyone do more than 10 searches daily or referral more than
20 ? You earn much much more! Basically your income is UNLIMITED! And itís
residual Ė you get paid month after month after month!

You are paid once a month by check or PayPal. Minimum to get paid is just £20!

Donít delay! Register an account now! Itís free!



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