[SURFBAR] Inetcash 1.75 (2.5$) a day for leaving your computer on

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[SURFBAR] Inetcash 1.75 (2.5$) a day for leaving your computer on

Post by jjonny on Tue 9 Sep 2008 - 7:53

Inetcash German Surfbar
-Pay by paypal and other payment proccesors.
-6 levels of referrals.
-Does not have hour limit (You can use it 24 hours a day)
-Does not have image verification after a period of time
-Do not have to click NOTHING to earn the money
-Site on-line from 2005 and payment proofs all over the internet
-0.075 per hour (1,8 a day); 1,2$ per hour (~2,75$ a day)
-5 minimum international payment (achieved in less than 3 days without referrals)
-Website is in german (use a translator and everything should be fine)

Yeah, I was shocked too, but this is not a scam (as they earn fairly more money displaying the ads); What I do is lefting the computer on all the day and my earnings are really 1,8 a day. The only thing that is difficult is the language, but don't worry, you will have to visit the page only to register and to cashout.
To register: http://inetcash.de:8080/inetcash/refer.do?referee=lolokoa
just fill the info, username, password, email and country and put random stuff on the rest. On pass 2 put random stuff also. Just skip steps 3 and 4 of registration . And that's all, click on the verification link that will appear and download the surfbar here:
Now only launch the surfbar and input username and password. The surfbar will launch inmediately
If you have any questions about registering (yeah, I know it's difficult) or problems, just write it here and I will try to answer
Join under me if you liked this or merely if you want
1) click the american flag at upper right side of page to make the page little english
2)if you open the surfbar and got a error, Try downloading .Net Framework. You can download it through Windows Update or search it in google.
Payment proof that i found


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