Globalbux. Discuss ur opinion about the site with me ( admin cronaldo )

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Globalbux. Discuss ur opinion about the site with me ( admin cronaldo )

Post by cronaldo on Wed 4 Feb 2009 - 17:41

Hi members,

I made this topic today to tell you about
an amazing site. A site that I'm very sure that it will worth ur trust with its
honesty , clever admin and an assisting team that is there for you 24 hrs to
help you with any problem you have, or even any suggestion you want to tell us.

Also I'm really proud to tell you that
I'm a part of this wonderful team as I'm an admin there, so any one who knows
me personally already knows that I'm a helpful person and for that who don't
know me can, all they have to do is ask for help and they will see the help our
team give.

Let me tell You our advantages :

1- Low 3 $ payout

2- We pay instantly for upgraded members
and in 5 days for standard ones.

3- The ability to upgrade of for a month with only 4.5 $

4- Renting referrals with only 30 cent
for a month and the ability to recycle or renew them. We can really guarantee you
that our referral are all 100 % active because we have a minimum number of
clicks to request for cashout. It's 80 clicks for standard and 40 for upgraded

5- Minimum 10 ads for the upgraded

As for connecting with us I'm sure that you
will find us always there for you at the forum. All you have to do is just make
a topic about your problem and we will work on it till we solve it. Even if you
want to ask about any thing or have a suggestion we will reply very fast.

Our team meet daily to discuss all the
problems we found and solve it.

In the next few days we will have a new
layout. Besides many features are coming along the way for you.

The best thing is that we never stop
looking for the best to you. Always making new things for you to make you

We are really looking forward to be from
the top 5 ptc sites and of course this will never happen if we just stayed for
2 or 3 months. We will last for a long time.

One more thing, as you can see I'm the
one responsable for the site's public relations with other sites. So I will
always be here at this topic talking with the members and answering all of your

My name is Ahmed but I always register as
cronaldo or cronaldo_beb. So whenever you find these two names you know its me.

Join now with us and you will find 2 contests
waiting for you.

The 1st one is the banner

The 2nd is the investment
contest ( If you refer a member and he invested with 50$ or more you will get
10 % of his investment ).

Here are some payment proofs of us:

Here's the link for our payment proof
section. Take a look at much more payments

Finally I can now show you our banner and
I'm sure that you will not just like our site, but love it


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