Earn Points To Redeem Ipods & Other Gifts

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Earn Points To Redeem Ipods & Other Gifts

Post by tweety on Tue 5 Jan 2010 - 7:24

Lockerz is a site where you can win free stuff like Ipods, PS3s, Xboxs, MacBooks... and a lot of more things.

Every time you log in you will earn 2 points
Every time you answer a question you will earn 2 points

And then you can redeem the points for prizes

Ipod Touch 64GB -- 800 points
Ipod Touch 32GB -- 700 points
Ipod Nano 16GB --
Ipod Shuffle -- 150 points
Xbox 360 -- 675 points
PS3 -- 625 points
MacBook -- 2500 points
and more...

If you want to enter the site,

send me a PM with your email or reply here with ur e-mail id
i will send you and invitation

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